How to setup the CharityClear payment gateway

We understand that setting up or changing your PSP can seem daunting at first but following these straightforward steps can simplify the process.

Merchant Account/Merchant ID

To process online payments with CharityClear you also need to have a merchant bank account which provides you with an Internet Merchant ID.

If you already have a merchant account then notify them of your intention to set up CharityClear and mention our connection to the bank is through Cardstream. Your merchant acquirer will usually look to provide you with a new merchant ID; once you have the new ID you can sign up on the CharityClear site.

Alternatively, if you would like to change merchant acquirer, get a new quote or do not already have a merchant account then we can assist in the application process. We partner with a few of the main UK merchant acquirers and are able to negotiate preferable rates on your behalf. If you would like us to apply on your behalf please contact us on 0800 032 2991 or email [email protected] to get the ball rolling.

Setting up or changing your merchant banking facility can more often than not be the longest part of the process, so it's best to organise this as soon as possible.


We offer full on-going integration support to the developer that is integrating CharityClear on to your site. We have an in-house technical team on hand to answer and technical issues directly during business hours.

There are two types of integration available on to your website, direct and hosted form. Direct integration means your customers never leave your site but this requires a high level of PCI compliance as card details are entered on to your site. Hosted Form requires a lower level of compliance as the customer is re-directed to a CharityClear hosted page to enter card details. This page is fully customisable and can be made to look as seamless as possible.

You or your developer will need to decide which shopping cart/ecommerce platform you will be using on the site. We provide free integration modules for most of the leading shopping cart platforms out there and can develop these, where possible, on request. A list of our existing modules can be viewed here.

Full test account and basic integration details can be viewed here.

In summary:

1) Get your merchant banking organised. Either notify your existing provider of the change to CharityClear or let us assist with a new application.

2) Once you have the Internet Merchant ID, sign-up on the CharityClear site. It will usually take us 3/5 working days to get you active.

3) Decide on the ecom platform with your developer.

4) Once integration is complete make sure it has been tested vigorously.

5) Once your ID is active and integration has been tested you are ready to GO LIVE!